Blog Entry #1
Why did you choose this course as your fys? What are you hoping to accomplish in this seminar? What is your favorite fairytale? Why?
I love disney. The movies and the shows . My favorite princesses are belle , ariel, mulan, and pocohantas and jasmine .As a kid i would watch all of these moies over and over again. I love singing along with the movies until my brother tells me to shut up haha.You know when you would watch these movies and the prince would always save the princess in the end .I would think ” man she’s lucky having some guy come in and swoop her off her feet “but I guess that’s me cause I’m a hopeless romantic! Anyway I guess I like fairytales because off the fantasy and romance and cliche of it all. When I was a kid I always loved disney movies and now that I’m older this course will help me look at disney from a different perspective. I’m hoping to be able to make the connections between the original german fairytales and the modern disney fairytales. To analyze why disney remade them the way they did.It’s intersting to see the more gory realistic version of all the fun kiddie disney versions I’ve been watching all my life.So far this course has been very interseting and im excited to see what the rest of it holds. My favorite fairytale is beauty and the beast. I loved the whole inner beauty lesson they portrayed in this story. The fact that she loved the beast regardless of what he looked like really illuminated the entire moral of the story which is dont judge a book by its cover. Its whats on the inside that counts . Not to mention the magic, songs and colorful images and dancing common house objects . I loved the fact that the Beast loved Belle for her brains and kind and loving personality. Yes he knew she was beautiful but that wasnt that important to him. So thats my favorite fairytale. this is my first /second (lol) blog entry tell me what you think and leave comments so we can discuss it. Thanks for reading!


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