What is a fairytale ?

What is a fairy tale? Well the literal sense is a story of fiction (make-believe) and usually involves magic. Fairytale in french is “conte de

fee”. A fairytale is “narratives of magic and fantasy which are understood to be fictional”. When thinking of fairytales i always think of

love , romance, princes/princesses, magic, castle, happy endings ,morals , evil villians kingdoms, enchantments , imagination , and

fantasies. But i guess those are the dsiney everything ends up happy at the end . Unfortunately not all the fairytales are like this the

ones influenced by german literature are more gory and realistic.

In german the word fairytale is called meurchen , a tale of some length involving a sucession of motifs or episodes. A fairytale is

considered a universe in miniature . The hero / heroine always comes out on top in a fairtale good always triumphs over evil .

Everybody wants to be the hero/heroine from a fairytale to get the girl( or guy) to be the big shot, It’s the whole impossible

circumstances that the good guy always seem to conquer. The main character is always sent on some journey to find magicsl objects

that when placed together saves the kingdom . Fairytales always involve a prince , magic romance and a evil witch and a girl.









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