Snow white Brother’s grimm and disney

The variations of snow white are vast. The brothers Grimm and disney both  portray snow white as a kind and beautiful

maiden. The most beautiful person in the entire world. She had lips as red as blood , skin as white as snow and hair

as black as ebony . In the Brothers grimm variation the evil queen is snow whites mother they make the mother wish

for a child more beautiful than anything else and she ends up hating snow white because of it .So she sends a

huntsman to kill her daughter, the one SHE wished for .Anyway the disney version of snow white the evil queen is not

the mother she just finds out from the magical mirror that she is not the fairest of all.Then she sends the huntsman to

find snow white and kill her so she will be the most beautiful again. In the Grimm version she orders the huntsman to

bring back snow whites liver and heart as proof that he killed her. the huntsman goes to do as she says but after he

sees how beautiful she is decides to spare her and kill a pig take its heart and liver and give it to the queen as fake

proof. This shows the gruesomeness of German versions of fairy tales and the innocence that Disney versions add to

the stories. In the disney version she just eats a poison apple and falls into a sleep, that’s in both though. Also in the

disney version snow white has help from animal friends when in the german version they kill the animals.Usually in

fairytales the help of nature or animals or supernatural things are normal so to kill a pig is a little abnormal.

like both of them i don’t have a preference.Image


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