Snow white comparison

Personally I like the Disney version of Snow white because of the innocence that it incorporates  Its been

apart of my childhood so its always going to be my favorite. And while the Grimm version does have a twist

to it , its a little graphic and I wasn’t expecting it when I read it. I like the fact that they put a lot of variety

into the ways snow white died if that sounds right.However they killed the queen in the end and that’s a

little much. When i was little i never really payed attention to the fact that the princess didn’t have a father

but the dwarfs played father figures. The queen wanted to eat snow whites heart and liver in order to absorb

her beauty. The different versions of snow white that I have read have never been as graphic as the

Brothers Grimm. I love how simple and funny the dwarfs are in the disney movie. I love the colors the

music and the lights in the disney version Image      


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