Frog prince vs. cupid and psyche

In the story of Cupid and psyche, the youngest Princess is more beautiful than Venus herself.( Ps, This

story is based off of Greek mythology).Venus gets so jealous and decides to punish psyche and sends

her son cupid to destroy the girls beauty with bitter waters from a fountain. But when cupid comes to do

the deed he was so distracted by her beauty that he accidently stabbed himself with his own arrow. Then

she is banished to marry a monstrous creature who in reality is a beautiful god. so she never sees her

husband and decides shes lonely and wants to see her sisters. Her sisters come to visit and want her to

kill her husband and free herself cause they think hes a monster. So when psyche tries he wakes up

catches her and decides he should leave her as punishment. Psyche feels empty without her husband and 

wants to find him. So through a series of events she becomes immortal and has a child with cupid. So in

this story psyche has no problem marrying a so called monster she has accepted her fate. Unlike in frog

prince where they never fully say she has to marry the frog. Its implied and also the princess doesn’t want

to marry the frog prince.Psyche’s so beautiful and everyone praises her because of it but she cannot find

love. So she says she will marry the monster.



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