Frog prince vs. cupid and psyche

In the story of Cupid and psyche, the youngest Princess is more beautiful than Venus herself.( Ps, This

story is based off of Greek mythology).Venus gets so jealous and decides to punish psyche and sends

her son cupid to destroy the girls beauty with bitter waters from a fountain. But when cupid comes to do

the deed he was so distracted by her beauty that he accidently stabbed himself with his own arrow. Then

she is banished to marry a monstrous creature who in reality is a beautiful god. so she never sees her

husband and decides shes lonely and wants to see her sisters. Her sisters come to visit and want her to

kill her husband and free herself cause they think hes a monster. So when psyche tries he wakes up

catches her and decides he should leave her as punishment. Psyche feels empty without her husband and 

wants to find him. So through a series of events she becomes immortal and has a child with cupid. So in

this story psyche has no problem marrying a so called monster she has accepted her fate. Unlike in frog

prince where they never fully say she has to marry the frog. Its implied and also the princess doesn’t want

to marry the frog prince.Psyche’s so beautiful and everyone praises her because of it but she cannot find

love. So she says she will marry the monster.



Snow white comparison

Personally I like the Disney version of Snow white because of the innocence that it incorporates  Its been

apart of my childhood so its always going to be my favorite. And while the Grimm version does have a twist

to it , its a little graphic and I wasn’t expecting it when I read it. I like the fact that they put a lot of variety

into the ways snow white died if that sounds right.However they killed the queen in the end and that’s a

little much. When i was little i never really payed attention to the fact that the princess didn’t have a father

but the dwarfs played father figures. The queen wanted to eat snow whites heart and liver in order to absorb

her beauty. The different versions of snow white that I have read have never been as graphic as the

Brothers Grimm. I love how simple and funny the dwarfs are in the disney movie. I love the colors the

music and the lights in the disney version Image      

Snow white Brother’s grimm and disney

The variations of snow white are vast. The brothers Grimm and disney both  portray snow white as a kind and beautiful

maiden. The most beautiful person in the entire world. She had lips as red as blood , skin as white as snow and hair

as black as ebony . In the Brothers grimm variation the evil queen is snow whites mother they make the mother wish

for a child more beautiful than anything else and she ends up hating snow white because of it .So she sends a

huntsman to kill her daughter, the one SHE wished for .Anyway the disney version of snow white the evil queen is not

the mother she just finds out from the magical mirror that she is not the fairest of all.Then she sends the huntsman to

find snow white and kill her so she will be the most beautiful again. In the Grimm version she orders the huntsman to

bring back snow whites liver and heart as proof that he killed her. the huntsman goes to do as she says but after he

sees how beautiful she is decides to spare her and kill a pig take its heart and liver and give it to the queen as fake

proof. This shows the gruesomeness of German versions of fairy tales and the innocence that Disney versions add to

the stories. In the disney version she just eats a poison apple and falls into a sleep, that’s in both though. Also in the

disney version snow white has help from animal friends when in the german version they kill the animals.Usually in

fairytales the help of nature or animals or supernatural things are normal so to kill a pig is a little abnormal.

like both of them i don’t have a preference.Image

What is a fairytale ?

What is a fairy tale? Well the literal sense is a story of fiction (make-believe) and usually involves magic. Fairytale in french is “conte de

fee”. A fairytale is “narratives of magic and fantasy which are understood to be fictional”. When thinking of fairytales i always think of

love , romance, princes/princesses, magic, castle, happy endings ,morals , evil villians kingdoms, enchantments , imagination , and

fantasies. But i guess those are the dsiney everything ends up happy at the end . Unfortunately not all the fairytales are like this the

ones influenced by german literature are more gory and realistic.

In german the word fairytale is called meurchen , a tale of some length involving a sucession of motifs or episodes. A fairytale is

considered a universe in miniature . The hero / heroine always comes out on top in a fairtale good always triumphs over evil .

Everybody wants to be the hero/heroine from a fairytale to get the girl( or guy) to be the big shot, It’s the whole impossible

circumstances that the good guy always seem to conquer. The main character is always sent on some journey to find magicsl objects

that when placed together saves the kingdom . Fairytales always involve a prince , magic romance and a evil witch and a girl.








Blog Entry #1
Why did you choose this course as your fys? What are you hoping to accomplish in this seminar? What is your favorite fairytale? Why?
I love disney. The movies and the shows . My favorite princesses are belle , ariel, mulan, and pocohantas and jasmine .As a kid i would watch all of these moies over and over again. I love singing along with the movies until my brother tells me to shut up haha.You know when you would watch these movies and the prince would always save the princess in the end .I would think ” man she’s lucky having some guy come in and swoop her off her feet “but I guess that’s me cause I’m a hopeless romantic! Anyway I guess I like fairytales because off the fantasy and romance and cliche of it all. When I was a kid I always loved disney movies and now that I’m older this course will help me look at disney from a different perspective. I’m hoping to be able to make the connections between the original german fairytales and the modern disney fairytales. To analyze why disney remade them the way they did.It’s intersting to see the more gory realistic version of all the fun kiddie disney versions I’ve been watching all my life.So far this course has been very interseting and im excited to see what the rest of it holds. My favorite fairytale is beauty and the beast. I loved the whole inner beauty lesson they portrayed in this story. The fact that she loved the beast regardless of what he looked like really illuminated the entire moral of the story which is dont judge a book by its cover. Its whats on the inside that counts . Not to mention the magic, songs and colorful images and dancing common house objects . I loved the fact that the Beast loved Belle for her brains and kind and loving personality. Yes he knew she was beautiful but that wasnt that important to him. So thats my favorite fairytale. this is my first /second (lol) blog entry tell me what you think and leave comments so we can discuss it. Thanks for reading!